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Author Topic: The Swerver "Suggestion"  (Read 17800 times)
2xA Ron
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« Reply #20 on: September 11, 2012, 04:34:02 pm »

"Biblical dating" doesn't exist. This term is really just somone's opinion on dating using a piecemeal application of scripture. If you really wanted to find a spouse(s) the Bible's way you would have an arranged marriage. Maybe this is what they are actually getting at.

Excellent point.  The GC tends to assume that since they can support it with one or more verses (however shakily) it's officially the "Biblical" way to do thing.  Never mind that absolutely no one in the Bible got together the GC way (and several of them, including Christ--*gasp* talking to a woman at a well alone!? For shame!--would have been in serious trouble under this system), or that other perspectives can use the same verses to support their views and be equally "Biblical."  Someone mentioned the false dilemma fallacy...that's definitely big in the GC.  For them, there is only the way the leaders say things should be done (that is, the "Biblical way") and Satan-worshiping orgies.  No valid third option exists.
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« Reply #21 on: April 14, 2015, 11:27:37 am »

Oh gosh. I was involved in GCM my whole life, so I knoe this issue very well! I clearly remember being in highschool, probably 16, and having a secret boyfriend at my school, and being brought to tears with guilt after going to his house and watching a movie, nothing else, just a movie. I broke up with him cause the guilt was too much. I had to confess to my parents, my youth pastor, and the youth group, the crime of holding hands in the halls. My senior year of high school I was a little more free, I still never officially dated anyone though(but high school drama clubs are full of
Promiscuous games and behavior, and I am REALLY good at flirting). I was celibate for a couple years in college, until a couple years ago. I met a guy, and went out to the movies with him, ended up making out the whole time. I was severely chastised for this, and the guilt was too much. in the end, the restrictions placed on dating pushed me to be even more promiscuous, often meeting guys online for the express purpose of hooking up... I don't mean to blame shift, but we all know when you give adult people too many rules and restrictions, it just ends up pushing them to a bad place. Anyway, I eventually got myself back on track, having abbandoned the church and their rules, and I am SO GLAD I started normal dating, it taught to value myself, and what standards I really need to have for a relationahip, it let me know how I wanted to be treated.... Something GCM didnt cover. I also met my awesome boyfriend who treats me so much better than I ever imagined Smiley
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