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Author Topic: Great Commission Pastor's Conference - House churches  (Read 3816 times)
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« on: February 01, 2012, 06:43:57 pm »

One of the newer ways that Great Commission pastors are taught to control their flock is through what they are calling "house churches".  This may not be new to all of you.  But, it is enlightening to me. Every time I read more about GCx, I find more information that is disturbing to me.  I found it on this link:


I listened to the audio seminar on these house churches.  Now I better understand the innovative ways that pastors are taught to "control their flock".  They get a group of people in a house that is their only support group and brainwash them into submitting to the GCx doctrine. Some of us in Arkansas know how to cut through the bull.

The Great Commission leaders still take advantage of college kids.  Now they are finding ways to control another demographic group of people who will find it hard to break free. If you get a chance listen to the one titled "House Churches". Very dissaponted in what I heard in this recording...  I have heard some people talk about some progress toward moderation made by GCx.  After listening to this recorded message, that does not seem to be the case.  They are using the same propoganda and methodology as always.  They just found a new way to control a different group of unsuspecting people. They use these houses to monitor their flock to ensure that none of them considers any kind of critical thinking on their own.  We can't have that...now can we?

Titles of their conference teachings include titles such as:

Mobilizing families for ministries - AKA let's make everyone sell for us for free.  Get the whole family involved.  They have nothing better to do with their lives than work for the church for free.

Sheparding Young Menís hearts - AKA misleading young men into giving up their personal rights.

Turning your kids into fishers of men - Hey!  It worked on the young men...Lets do it to all the kids!

Using your summer to Plant Churches - Lets make everybody sell for the church during their summers instead of sharing family time and really enjoying the beautiful life God has given to us.  They don't have anything better to do than that anyways...right?

Have you thought about Campus Interns for Your Church - Let's pay these poor young suckers $5,000 to work 20 hours per week and tell them it's part-time. But, we really intend to guilt them into actually making them work full time until they are too assimilated in the cult to say, " No".

Reaching the Next Generation Through House Churches- Let's look for another demographic we can sucker in.  The GC pastors already spank these poor kids until they have lost their will and individuallity.  Then, let's make the boys in this group beat the next generation into GCx leaders/followers as well.

Keeping Your Kids on the Farm: Building an Intergenerational Church - Let's guilt our kids into thinking they have to do everything we have done for the cult...tell them they will go to hell if they don't.

Sorry about adding my own little descriptions after the Great Commission Titles.  You  are free to come up with your own descriptive titles.  I give you my permission.
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