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August 19, 2017, 09:10:35 pm *
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Welcome to De-Commissioned, a forum for former members of the Great Commission movement (aka GCM, GCC, GCAC, GCI, and the Blitz) to discuss problems they've experienced in the association's practices and theology.

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xx How do you separate "GCx" from Christianity? | 28 Feb 13
00:03:03 by araignee19
Views: 18604 | Comments: 27

First, let me start by saying I am not trying to imply that GCx is not a Christian church. I believe they are. I was saved in one. God has used that church for good in my life.

However, there are many things I now disagree with GCx on. When I first left a little less than two years ago, everything changed. I lost my friends, my church, my goal in life ("plant my flag and die"), my stable living situation, etc., and it turned my world upside down. I realized that many things that I had accepted as true while in GCx were a twisted version of truth or just plain wrong and unbiblical. I left in a firestorm of conflict and hurt, after 5 years of trying to live the GCx life, and crashed badly afterwards. I became completely burnt out and wanted nothing to do with church or God for a while.

It has been quite a time of healing to get me back to a place where I believe in God again and want to grow in my faith. But the problem I'm having is that I learned so many untruths at GCx my reaction has been to put pretty much everything I know about God and Christianity on trial. While I do believe we should test our faith, I think I have gone off the deep end of testing, and I'm not sure how to get through things. There are so many things I'm unsure of I don't know where to start, and so my faith has become stuck and stagnant. I am unsure how to separate the things GCx taught that were wrong and hurtful from the things they taught which were true Christianity, but that I now associate with hurt and so have a gut reaction of "run away."

I know this is different for each person, but do you have any advice, thoughts, or encouragement? I could use some right now...

xx Believe it or not, Jim McCotter is back - sort of! | 02 Jan 13
11:48:25 by distant thunder | Views: 38829 | Comments: 55

(I was involved in the Blitz Movement of the 70s and then into the 80s until McCotter left - left the church and left others to lie about the real reasons he was leaving i.e. the leaders had rejected his apostleship revelation and he had just inherited a fortune from his in-laws.)

Every year or so, I do a random search for Jim McCotter in an effort to see if anything new is available. For the past 5 years or so, little news has been forthcoming. The previous 25 years are rather well known to most of us, including radio, television, and newspaper purchases both here and in New Zealand, as well as acquisitions of resort properties in Wyoming. In each and every case, these business ventures ended in failure, lawsuits, and out of court settlements with creditors, partners, and/or employees. His last business interest was as owner/ceo of Maverick Jets. And though that company still appears to be in business, Jim McCotter's name is no longer associated with the website or on the business license at the local chamber of commerce in Melbourne, Florida.

Last week's search produced some interesting fruit. McCotter now has a website and on it displays family pictures, as well as a photo of himself, Barb (his wife - almost unrecognizable to those of us who knew her 40 years ago), and Rick Santorum - presumably at some point during this past election campaign. Pictures of the inside of his home portray comfortable living quarters but nothing comparable to the million dollar range homes he had in Florida, New Zealand, and Wyoming.

But then the motherlode.....

I did a search for McCotter on YouTube and found a number of short teaching videos done in the past 4 months or so, as well as videos in which McCotter is shown as part of a group called Greenwood Fellowship. So, queue up Greenwood Fellowship....

The Greenwood Fellowship site states that they are part of a house church group that has churches in 25 cities in 3 different countries and that all these churches were begun in the past 12 months. Though a leadership list is conspicuously missing, there are a number of e books for sale, all bearing the initials JDM (James Douglas McCotter). The 'movement' is clearly in it's early stages but one thing is very clear - McCotter is making another run. What is less clear is why and why now.

Back to YouTube, I did another search for McCotter and this time found his own channel in which is one video.  In this video (made on 12/26/12 according to him), Jim is seated at a desk in a very cramped room and makes the promise that he is beginning a daily schedule of teachings on a variety of subjects and they will be broadcast by...and I kid you not....JimLiveTV.

Here are a few relevant links




A few pieces of information can be ascertained from perusing the above links.

1) The house in which Jim now lives is small and nothing in the same range as 10 years ago.
2) The furniture he owns has some signs of wear, hardly a sign of opulence.
3) The bulk of his family is missing from mention  -  odd for someone always surrounded by family.
4) He's clearly trying to rebuild a start up ministry - or start up scheme.
5) Several wine glasses can be seen in the house, evidently contradicting his previous stated belief in abstinence.

When I left in 1987, the rumor was that 'Jim is now worth $20 million'. No one really believed that. But if you look at all the purchased properties and businesses, as well as the cost of those failures including lawsuits and settlements, it isn't a stretch to believe that he once had access to a large sum of money and that it has all but dried up. Certainly his present living conditions do not suggest a life of luxury.

One more thing. I did an address search for McCotter and Roland Ripamonti. Apparently, they both live at the same address in Englewood, Co. and in a home that appraises for $160,000.

How have the 'mighty' fallen in battle!

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