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Author Topic: Drake University Campus Fellowship - Walnut Creek  (Read 4389 times)
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« on: August 25, 2013, 11:31:47 pm »

Hi everyone,

I've read several other blog posts thus far and felt compelled to share some of my experiences.
I am very thankful for this website and have felt connected with others on here though I have never met most of you. I can greatly sympathize with others on here for feeling angry and confused during their time serving for a great commission ministry in comparison to my own thoughts and feelings. I hope that lessons can be learned from all of this and that people will ultimately grow closer in their relationship with God.

Some time ago I was active in campus fellowship at Drake University. During this time there was excessive abuse of power. People were told who they could and could not date and told others not to spend as much time with specific people of the opposite sex. Reasons for these measures usually lacked any biblical support other than the good old "I am your elder. I am telling you this. You must submit me" mantra (1 Peter 5:5). There was a concern that if dating was permitted that it would tarnish people's ability to evangelize. Throughout the years, Drake CF continued to use strict control measures on others. People were forbidden from leisure activities if they had not completed their quota of verse memorization, bible reading time, or evangelistic endeavors. I will concede that while these experiences may be true for me, they were by no means true for everyone there. People experienced these abuses to varying extents.

Sadly, this blog has informed me that some of these practices are not unique to Drake Campus Fellowship. I am confident that many of the people in the group are genuine believers, even the leaders. If you are reading this and are apart of Drake Campus Fellowship or a similar organization I hope to exhort you to stay on guard and trust in God during this time. No matter someones background, we as Christians must always examine the teaching of others through the trustworthy lens of scripture. Acts 17:11 provides an example for us to follow as the Berean Jews were not quick to dismiss or accept, but eager to test.

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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2013, 08:31:04 am »


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

You mentioned your experience at Drake University. Specifically, you mentioned "excessive abuse of power", people being told who they could and couldn't date, people being forbidden from leisure activities for not memorizing Bible studies.

I know many who have been hurt by this group and with school getting back into session, students and parents may be Googling. I'm wondering if you would be able to give some specific examples of the abuses so that others may be informed and on the lookout.

Thanks, and welcome.

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.
Janet Easson Martin
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« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2022, 09:54:29 pm »

From what I was told after leaving GCM at Drake University, there was a sort of watchdog group looking into the church there.  The InterVarsity leader told me that Drake was very concerned and had formed a task force, but hadn't done anything to "kick them off campus" -  I think they were concerned about it looking anti-diversity to kick a religious group off campus.

You could possibly have your school contact get into contact with someone at Drake and see what info they had gathered.  I believe there had been quite a few concerned parents in contact with the school about GCM.

-trthskr,  2017

For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.        - Saint Augustine
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