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Author Topic: What Former GCx Members Say About The GCM Warning Forum  (Read 780 times)
Janet Easson Martin
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« on: June 22, 2019, 06:44:09 pm »

What Former GCx Members Say About This GCM Warning Forum

Below are just a few of responses from former members who have discovered this site.  Finally being able to hear others who are free here to speak up about the unhealthy, controlling and spiritually abusive environment in their GCx churches has often helped them gain a healthier perspective about their own experience with this group.  Some have found hope in their own personal relationship with God as they realize the erroneous image of their Heavenly Father that was painted there.  These are just some of their responses.

I just thought that you guys would like to know that GCMwarning.com became a central topic of discussion in one of my classes last night. I had told my story to several of my classmates and referred them to the site. Turns out, several of them used resources listed on the site in a paper on the church as a healing place or battle ground. The professor, a Ph.D therapist gave you guys props on having such a well researched, written, and thoughtful website. So with as much as I fought you guys at GCMwarning's birthing, I wanted to say thank you so much and that your work is changing lives not only among us ex-GC but also with many who have suffered spiritual abuse in other places. Many of my classmates were able to put words to their bad church experiences that they could not have without the site. It was a night of healing and God showing up!

This forum has helped me to heal! I found this forum after I began to search the internet for information on Abusive Churches and one day stumbled upon this forum with testimony from those who went to the same “Church” I had belonged to. That is when my healing moved full throttle ahead. I will say that I can relate to almost every single testimony describing problems with GCM that have been posted here and that has helped me to move beyond wondering what is wrong with me and to recognize that I was part of a culture that treats people with contempt. The only thing wrong with me is that for some reason I could participate in such a culture and not recognize that people were treating others in a manner that harms the mind and the soul.

I think this site has helped open my eyes a bit and it has given me some understanding as to why I struggle with a few things.

This website has been therapeutic for me as I needed to know I wasn't the only one seeing the pain GCx has been passing out in "their" churches. ...What is happening in GCx is just wrong and there are people that need this resource to help them get out. ...Generally, I don't think anyone here hates anyone else in GCx. However, I think we all have a healthy disgust for the false teaching, the unfounded "leadership" structure, and the disasters that it has caused.

I also left the Manhattan church. I'm glad some other people are getting out. Leaving was the best and hardest thing I've ever done. I'm glad I found this forum.

Finding this forum was like a breath of fresh air. All of us felt so crazy, thinking we were ignoring God, that we weren't doing enough, that ...the elders were right. And being able to come here and read about the issues people have seen has been so comforting (and sad). Finding experiences from years before that were practically identical to mine. And seeing how people were using their experience to help others. This place has truly been a comfort to me over these last few years. And I want to say thank you.

I greatly have appreciated this forum. For years I was in depression, beating myself up and feeling as if I was never good enough or doing enough. When I found this forum, I realized that all of the things I had been experiencing were not just in my head. I remember reading and reading with tears in my eyes thanking God that I was not crazy or insane. Through the forum, I was able to find others who could walk me through my experience and point me towards resources that have helped me heal. ... Thank you for all of the thoughtful posts. It is so comforting for me to know that I wasn't crazy with all of the things that I have experienced.  

I went online and looked up information, found out about how deep the history of abuse goes, and found this site.  I am so encouraged and relieved that there are others calling out what is wrong here [in GCx churches].

When coming across GCMWarning and reading various testimonies, I sat dumbfounded and sad -- mostly because I couldn't believe that pretty much all the allegations written against GCM I had personally witnessed -- the irrational behavior of leadership, the double standards, the manipulative nature of certain people and the ensuing cover-ups -- the unconscionable way certain members were treated.
-einmal    [left ~ 2006]

I have felt guilt over leaving and have wondered if I could have been stronger until I found this site and found stories similar to mine over and over again.  As has been stated, through common experience, I don't have to feel like it was my fault, I know that I don't have to feel guilty for leaving, and I don't have to wonder if I should go back.  I am one reason that we need this website and how healing can take place.  ... I have spent way too much time reading posts on this forum in the past few days since finding it, reliving the past, shedding tears, and finding healing.  Thanks to all of you for your time in posting your stories, continue to do so, they need to be heard.

If I understand the 1-10-100 rule correctly, this means that 1000 people who have been hurt by GC have found this site and that it's possible that at least 10,000 present and former GC members could be considered victims of spiritual abuse.

I think this forum is very important in healing and moving forward for those of us who have felt the heavy-handedness of GC [GCx alias] authority or GC doctrine. ... It is unlearning one gospel to relearn a new one.  It is also very important for me to know others just like me that left GC but Are STILL Christians.  WE DIDNT ABANDON OUR FAITH.  God isn’t found ONLY in a GC Church, god is with Christians wherever they go.  God can have a deep relationship with a woman without speaking through her authority-He will speak directly to her! ... They liken hearing your own inner voice as the devil trying to tempt you to usurp your authority figures.  My inner voice, which could be the Holy Spirit in me, is dangerous to them.  Freethinking people question authority, which would dismantle their power structure.  GC is such an ungodly org set up to maintain complete control and give power to men who are feeding their pride and arrogance.

i heard about GCMwarning.com back when i was still involved in the church. however, with the help of the leaders, it was disregarded as "some bitter guy's outlet". and then recently i came across the site again. i went straight to the forum and read hundreds of threads. then something finally clicked, something that was so burdensome to me the whole time i was trying to fit into the GCM culture. ... i joined one of the Colorado churches about three years ago. happy faces, cheerie conversations and an unheard-of interest in my life were what seemed to have bought me. ... And GCM has definitely perfected the art of "the gimmick". ... the movement has learned how to feign the signs of a utopic community. ... i honestly started feeling "not good enough". ... i decided to leave. i wanted to [go] somewhere where the authority wasn't based around some randomly appointed religious zealots. i was looking for somewhere where the bible was interpreted based on the tradition and NOT one man's revelation. ...
-skewed_grace    [left ~ 2007]

I just want to start off by saying that I'm grateful to the Lord for this place, and for the honesty of so many of you. As painful and wince-worthy as it has been to read your stories (because of the similarities, and because of the things God has revealed to me through them), I am grateful to know that I am not alone. I am not carrying the weight of all this truth by myself. That, all by itself, is helpful.
-Wingless_Butterfly    [left ~2018]

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