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Author Topic: Refreshing Faith Recovered  (Read 552 times)
Janet Easson Martin
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« on: June 10, 2016, 10:18:09 pm »

Refreshing Faith Recovered

Leaving GCx was so fully rejuvenating.  In no exaggeration, the feeling of refreshment and excitement and adventure filled my soul as I discovered life again outside the restrictive borders of GCx.  The freedom to make my own choices in my time, talents, friendships, family, vacations, career, and future made faith come alive again.  Although, there were internal struggles from occasionally doubting, at first, that I had done the right thing by leaving.  However, Christian counseling and Christian friends (outside GCx) and family helped me find my way.

When I left I didn't leave God or faith.  Instead, they were recovered!  I just hadn't realized how far they had been removed.  They were deceitfully substituted.  Like Paul says in the New Testament of those under False Teachers -- 'You have been alienated from Christ'.  (Never truly separated, but ceasing to rely upon Him.)

The movie "Paradise Recovered" captures the stale faith, imposing restrictions, harsh judgement, and substitution of men for God that are so common in spiritually abusive churches.  Though I personally didn't, some people like the victim in this movie do understandably pendulum swing at first, as they seek to find the healthy balance in freedom.

A key thing about this film story of spiritual abuse is that it seems Wellspring Retreat Center was consulted in the making of this movie! This is discussed on a link from the movie's website. Wellspring was actually founded by men who were once involved in the GCx Church Organization, but left because of it's spiritually abusive ways and leadership; and as a result started a recovery center for spiritual abuse victims.

Here is the link to the Movie's Film Trailer:  "Paradise Recovered".  Let it's refreshment lead you to recover your life and faith, too.


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